Case Histories

The Network as the Platform

Strategy is a key element of EmoClick’s success.

The most fundamental way in which Roberto Masiero views strategy is around the idea of change, and how change affects our customers; in essence, he believes that market transitions that most effect our customer define competitive opportunities for EmoClick.

EmoClick prepares for market transitions by listening to customers and by taking risks, innovating and investing 3-5 years in advance of a major transition in order to capitalize on it before competitors when the transition is realized in the market. As Roberto says, “by the time our competitors recognize the transition, it’s too late to catch up.”

Our ability to anticipate and prepare for market transitions is the “DNA” or “plot” of EmoClick’s success strategy for us, and our customers.

Market Transitions

EmoClick has a proven track record of successfully capturing market transitions. Beginning in 1999 with the reality that Voice and Video would all be one, moving to the Software Development ASP in 2000 and the ASP becoming the platform for all related technologies and the core of customer solutions, and the most recent market transition of Collaboration and Web 2.0 technologies.

We owe much of this to our customers – as listening to their needs, ideas, challenges, etc. help define the future and what is needed for our customer’s success. They guide where we go and we stay ahead of market shifts so that we are ready to help our customers evolve, as their industry evolves.


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