MimiHua Tablet

The unique tablet for all kids to enjoy, no matter how little the fingers! The MimiHua 7" tablet works with the Android system to enable full adaptability for every kind of child or parent's needs and age.

Trade Italiano

E-commerce platform 3.0 (B2C and B2B) with added semantic engine which highlights the product-bond territory. Partnership with Slow Food Travel.


EMOBLAST, is the automatic or semi-automatic analysis of large quantities of data to extract previously unknown interesting patterns such as groups of data records.

ACEA S.p.a. (Roma) – In process

Project Value: The integrating of the BPL technology (Internet over Power Line) with the ACEA network in order to distribute the Internet to its users.

Davotel (Milano) – In process

Project Value: Study to implement an LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in Sardinia using Acrovox products.

Kunami (New York)

Costa Rica Private Bank (Costa Rica)

Pontificio Consiglio delle comunicazioni sociali (Citta’ del Vaticano)