Another differentiator for EmoClick is our internal innovation, acquisition strategy and partner approach.

The ability to innovate has become the harbinger of success and sustainability for the modern corporation.

EmoClick is dedicated to innovation as the path to growth and sustainability of our market leadership position. The Company takes a broad approach to innovation that includes multiple strategies – from developing new technologies and designing new products, to starting new business models, pursuing acquisitions and investments, and partnering with other companies for business, technology and go-to-market requirements.

At EmoClick, innovation is a key driver of productivity. The company uses both innovative internal development and acquisitions to improve its innovative edge.

EmoClick develops most of its products internally, using a deep pool of global engineering talent.

Recognizing that smaller companies can often develop new and innovative technologies, Roberto Masiero’ development strategy is “Build, Partner, Acquire.”

To protect its internally developed and acquired technologies, EmoClick is pursuing patents.

Additionally one of EmoClick’s key competitive advantages is our ability to invest significantly in R&D….

EmoClick’s acquisition strategy is best-in-world.

We particularly look for acquisitions that capitalize on market disruption through new technologies and new business models

Our strategy emphasizes building a market by extending the technology and business model

We take a global view, pursuing acquisitions that we feel present the best opportunities for business and technology innovation coming from both established and emerging markets

All acquisitions are thoroughly evaluated for both their business and technology fit

We segment acquisitions into three categories – market acceleration, market expansion or new market entry. The target companies might bring different types of assets to EmoClick, including great talent and technology, mature products and solutions, or new go-to-market and business models.

EmoClick’s advice on acquisition integration is frequently sought by leaders in IT and other markets

Our integration process starts with the entire acquisition strategy. We look for compatibility on many levels, seeking acquisitions where there is not only a strong business case, but also a shared business and technological vision, and where compatibility of core values and culture foster an environment for success.